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OPTIMA options and features


Our developed and partly patented machine systems guarantee, that you can implement your sheet metal processing simply, flexibl and cost-effectively with the fastest possible delivery times.

Thanks to numerous options and functions, you will get a sheet metal processing system that  best suits your requirements at low costs.



Automatic slitting knife adjustment

rapid, ergonomic and precise

A maximum of 8 fully automated positioned slitting knife pairs allows for the fastest possible execution of cutting orders with the highest level of quality and precision.

Straightening function

automated and reliable straightening function

A swiveling 3-roll straightening unit enables straightening of sheet metal using a progressively controlled straightening roll. This automated system ensures reliable straightening results.

Automatic cutting parameters

excellent cutting quality without manual adjustments

The material database of the OPTIMA allows for assignment of material-specific cutting parameters. The automated machine configuration based on the saved cutting parameters ensures the highest cutting quality of your sheet metal.


reliable and proven

A solid welded base frame, proven construction as well as mechanisms and processes that have been optimized over 20 years form a robust machine system with little space requirement.

Machine operation

intuitive, easy to use and communication flexibility

A new software and new control hardware ensure a straightforward and easy to use machine. New machine functions and several language options allow user-friendly machine operation. The network-interface enables communication flexibility.


minimal shopfloor space requirement

The OPTIMA machine system is compact and ideally designed for most sheet metal processing companies. The OPTIMA is the most compact automatic slitting machine system on the market.

Automatic and reinforced side guide

pracitcal and precise

The optimized pneumatic side guide ensures high cutting accuracy, is durably built, and combines a gentle guide with increased lateral alignment force for sheet metal coil widths between 250 and 1,250 mm (10” to 49”).

Guillotine shear for transverse cut

simple, sturdy and sophisticated

The guillotine shear is a well-known and popular cross cutting system that ensures excellent and precise cross cutting over the entire sheet metal width.  The guillotine shear unit is known to be particularly reliable and sturdily built.

Roller shear for transverse cut

partial cuts with best cutting quality

The roll shear allows partial cross cuts and is carried out automatically from the left and right side of the sheet metal. This enables individual sheet metal cutting patterns with minimal waste. This setup allows for best quality (same setup as roll cross-shear designs for decades).

Film application

simple sheet metal surface protection

The film application system is executed simple. A protection film on the upper sheet metal surface allows enhanced surface protection for following production processes.

Small coil processing

cost effective, flexible and space-saving

As an alternative for processing sheet metal coils from driven decoilers, it is also possible to use a non-powered coil cart to feed sheet metal coils to the OPTIMA. Sheet metal coils can be processed in a cost-effective, flexible and space-saving manner.

Interface to recoiling systems

well-thought-out and flexible

Recoiling after slitting or just cross-cutting prior to a recoiling process without slitting (cutting to length) has been carried out easily and reliably for years, thanks to a simple and flexible machine interface set.

Interface to decoiling systems / coil storage systems

flexible range of operation

With over a decade of experience in interfacing with vast decoiling and coil storage systems, KRASSER has the knowledge and flexibility to suit your production requirements.


simple traceability and identification

Automatically generated labels can be printed in sequence and applied by hand to each individual sheet metal strip. The flexible label design can contain a barcode for identification at subsequent machine systems and processes as well as further content.


Simple optimization for less waste

The OPTIMIZER is a simple optimization software with which cutting orders can easily be combined with one another and sheet metal waste can be reduced. Cutting orders can be uploaded via EXCEL-lists and linked to other machine systems.

Bendex - interface

well established interface

The Bendex-interface has been established for years to transfer cutting orders from Bendex to our slitting/cutting machine systems. We offer one of the most powerful Bendex-interfaces, that has been used worldwide at customers of different company sizes.

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