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In a time of “smart production”, KRASSER GmbH offers flexible and proven software as well as interfaces for integral communication with peripheral machines and external software systems. As a result, sheet metal waste is reduced, manual intermediate steps are eliminated and sheet metal strips are clearly identified (order, dimensions, bending program, ...) for an interface with a downstream machine system or following process step.

Proper software saves time in administration tasks and simplifies work in your production.


• less waste
• higher production flexibility
• fewer interface connections
• less administrative effort
• digital processes replace conventional paper documents in production
• internal traceability and flexible production with growth potential


Our machine software is characterized by:

• comprehensive screens and simple operation
• comprehensive error message display and analysis options
• remote support possibility maintenance communication option
• various user levels with different access and rights
• language change-over function
• machine control and coil storage management on a common control unit
• coil stock overview at a glance
• flexible interface to external software systems and machine systems
• data recording and data analysis
• practical production order submission and waste optimization via "KRASSER OPTIMIZER" software
• well-proven and well established BENDEX interface



The OPTIMIZER is a simple cutting order entry system and software for simple cutting optimization without monthly subscription fees. Parts can be combined with one another and cutting patterns can be optimized. Networking with other machine systems and software systems is enabled via common Excel-file importing and exporting function.



BENDEX is the most well-known and most commonly used process planning and production organization software in the sheet metal processing industry.

As certified BENDEX-PREMIUM partner, we offer a sophisticated and proven interface integration to the BENDEX Software.


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"The production throughput was increased by 25-30 % with the CENTURIO machine system. Mutual cooperation was very good and we can sincerely recommend cooperation with Krasser."

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