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Bendex Interface

BENDEX is the most well-known and most commonly used process planning and production organization software in the sheet metal processing industry. As certified BENDEX-PREMIUM partner, we offer a sophisticated and proven interface integration to the BENDEX Software.



Numerous advantages with proven BENDEX integration

This well-established interface integration has been proven and used for many years at different production plants.  

  • single data input
  • consistent data | design - sales - production - delivery – installation site
  • cutting optimization (less waste production / reduced raw material costs)
  • production process optimization
  • production process monitoring
  • useful and extensive possibilities for data analysis
  • intelligent process planning and production
  • cost savings in different administrative tasks (creation of offers, cutting data input, creation of invoices, etc. )
  • continuous traceability: measurement on-site – production – transportation – on-site installation
  • flexible possibilities for both small and large businesses
  • expandable with many options/modules for individual growth

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Hajdu Trapez

Hajdu Trapez Kft

"With our Krasser Centurio slitting machine our capacity has increased round 30 %. 'Stand-by' time and 'material setup times to other product' have been reduced, efficiency has been increased."

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