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Optimize your cutting process simply and practically

The OPTIMIZER is a simple blank input system and software for waste optimization without running costs. Parts can be combined together and cutting patterns can be optimized. Networking with other machine systems and software systems is enabled via common Excel-file importing and exporting function.


  • automatic but editable cutting optimization with flexible optimizing criteria
  • automatic notification of possible standard part sizes in remnant coil widths
  • print-option as an alternative to paper copies in production processes
  • databases and templates for customers, delivery addresses, materials, etc.
  • label generation for traceability options and connection to bending machine systems
  • fast and easy parts entry / cutting orders
  • filter- and grouping-functions
  • simple reporting and display of key-characteristics (scrap rate, weight, total used material amount, etc.)
  • EXCEL import and export functionality
  • simple data interface with bending machines

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Hajdu Trapez

Hajdu Trapez Kft

"With our Krasser Centurio slitting machine our capacity has increased round 30 %. 'Stand-by' time and 'material setup times to other product' have been reduced, efficiency has been increased."

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