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Applications of the CENTURIO machine system

The CENTURIO has been proven for more than 2 decades for flexible and fully automated sheet metal processing. The robust slitting machine system has made a name for itself by being operated globally at numerous customers. With many first-to-market innovations, it has revolutionized the former cumbersome and slow manual sheet metal coil processing. Due to our innovations, cutting orders can be processed efficiently and effortlessly. With different software interface possibilities, the CENTURIO system can be integrated at any production facility. Sheet metal feeding application spans manual coil carts to motorized decoilers to  fully automated coil storage systems- to meet your requirements.

The variable configuration of the coil storage system allows adaptions at any time to meet your current and future production requirements.


Our patented machine systems allow you to run a flexible and cost-effective production schedule. Your customers and staff benefit from the fastest possible production throughput times and effortless sheet metal processing.


with automated 1-lane coil storage system

with automated multi-lane system

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